OEM/ODM Tuochscreen Industrial Android Pc With Full Hd 2k/2 Cameras/NFC

Short Description:

GuangDong COMPT’s Industrial Android Pc, customizable color white and black, with capacitive touch, supports multiple CPU configurations: RK3399 3568 3588 3288, with high brightness screen, supports wide temperature 9~36V, card reader module, binocular camera, scanning module, customized glass, 4G module and other functions.

  • Size: 10.1"/13.3"/15.6"/17"/18.5"/19"/21.5"/23.6"/27"/32"
  • Memory: 2G/4G/8G
  • Hard disk: 16G/32G/64G SSD
  • OS: Android 7.1/10/13
  • CPU: RK3399/3568/3588/3288
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    This video shows the product in 360 degrees.

    Product resistance to high and low temperature, fully closed design to achieve IP65 protection effect, can 7*24H continuous stable operation, support a variety of installation methods, a variety of sizes can be selected, support customization.

    Used in industrial automation, intelligent medical, aerospace, GAV car, intelligent agriculture, intelligent transportation and other industries.

    Product Feature:

     Tuochscreen Industrial Android Pc

    Intelligent face recognitionAll-in-one machine.

    • Face recognition, IC/ID card, QR codescanning, ldentification Reading.
    • Multispectral DynamicsFace Recognition.
    • QR code Quick scan.
    • IC/ID card Read entry.
    • High and lowtemperature resistance-20°C~70C.
    • 10.1-21.5inchesHD touch screen.
    • Wifi &GigabitLan port.

    Product Superiority:

    • Industrial aesthetic design
    • Streamlined appearance design
    • Independent research and development independent mold opening
    • Stable performance and low power consumption
    • Front panel waterproof design
    • Flat panel up to IP65 waterproof standard
    • GB2423 anti-vibration standard
    • Added shock-proof EVA material
    • Recessed cabinet installation
    • 3mm tightly fitted to the embedded cabinet
    • Fully enclosed dust-proof design
    • Greatly improve the service life of the fuselage
    • Aluminum alloy body
    • Aluminum alloy die-casting integrated forming
    • EMC/EMI Anti-interference standard Anti-electromagnetic interference

    Product Solution:

    • Embedded Android All-in-One PC has a wide range of applications in the smart courier cabinet industry:
    • 1. Hardware control and management: the embedded Android All-in-One PC can be used to control and manage the hardware devices of the smart courier cabinet, such as electronic locks, cameras and sensors. It can provide stable system performance and real-time hardware control.
    • 2. User Interface and Interaction: Embedded Android All-in-One PC can provide rich user interface and interaction functions so that users can easily use the smart courier cabinet. It can support touch screen, voice recognition, face recognition and other technologies to provide users with a convenient operating experience.
    • 3. Data management and security: Embedded Android All-in-One can integrate database and data management system for managing the data of the courier cabinet, including courier information, user information and so on. It can also provide security features such as user authentication and data encryption to ensure data security and privacy.
    • 4. Networking and remote management: through the embedded Android all-in-one, the smart courier cabinet can realize the networking function, and conduct real-time communication and data transmission with courier companies and users.
    • 4. In addition, the embedded Android all-in-one machine can also support remote management functions, so that administrators can monitor and manage the operational status of the courier cabinet in real time.
    • Overall, the application of embedded Android all-in-one machine in the smart courier cabinet industry can provide powerful functions and flexible scalability, bringing convenience and innovation to the operation and user experience of courier cabinets.

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  • Display Parameter Screen 13.3 inch
    Resolution 1920*1080
    Brightness 250cd/m²
    Color 16.7M
    Contrast 1000:1
    Viewing Angle 85/85/85/85(Typ.)(CR≥10)
    Display area 217.2(W)*135(H)mm
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