Rugged Tablet PCs

IP68 Android Rugged Tablet

GPS Positioning, 4G Internet, Fingerprint capture, QR code scanning, Wi-Fi, NFC

Compt's Rugged Industrial Tablet are engineered to provide optimal computing with expandable options using industrial-grade components to tackle demanding industrial environments and applications.

✔ Model:CPT-EV8101

✔ Size: 8 inch rugged tablet , Android 9

✔ Product Size: 258*166*23mm (L*W*H)

✔ CPU: MT6761/6762/8788

✔ Memory: 2G (optional 4G/6G/8G)

✔ Hard Disk: 32G SSD (optional 64G/128G/256G)

✔ Interface: USB 2.0+TYPEC 2.0+DC9v+earphones+Pogo Pin+ SIM/TF +Rj45

✔ Optional: Temperature measurement, binocular face recognition, 1D/2D scanning, ID card recognition, iris, ISO7816 contact financial IC card, ID card, fingerprint, NFC, GPS


Rugged Tablet PC Android 13

Android 13 with GMS, is arithmetic and can be tightly integrated with Google's ecosystem systems.

 ✔  Model:CPT-101MG

 ✔  Size:10.1" Android 13

✔ PCPU: MTK8781,2.0GHZ

✔  Memory: 4G DDR4 (optional 8G)

✔  Hard Disk: 64G SSD (optional 128G)

✔ Standard Interface: USB 2.0+TYPEC 2.0+DC5v+MINIHDMI+earphone+Pogo Pin+SIM/TF+RJ45

✔ 10000mAh,3.8v lithium- ion battery

Rugged Tablet Windows 10

 ✔ Model: CPT-101NF

✔ Size:10.1"  windows 10 & rugged tablet linux

✔ CPU: Intel ® Celeron ® N5100 processor 

✔ Memory: 8G (optional16G/32G/64G)

✔ Hard Disk: 128G SSD (optional 256G/512G/1T)

✔ Custom Size:10.1" (optional 8")

✔Interface: USB 2.0+TYPEC 2.0+DC9v+earphones+Pogo Pin+ SIM/TF +Rj45

Manufacturing Shop
After a number of quality tests
construction tablet 4
construction tablet 7
construction tablet 5
construction tablet 6


rugged tablet 1 (2)
rugged tablet 2 (2)


Guangdong Computer Intelligent Display Co., Ltd. was established in Shenzhen in 2014 as a high-tech enterprise dedicated to research and development, production, sales, and technical services. The company specializes in the production of industrial control computers, industrial embedded computers, industrial tablet computers, embedded industrial mainboards, rugged handheld tablets, high-grade ruggedized computers, and other related products.


COMPT's rugged tablet provides solutions for multiple industries such as construction sites, automated manufacturing, outdoor, first aid, firefighting, warehousing, medical and more.

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