17 inch all in one android panel pc with industrial embedded touch screen

Short Description:

COMPT’s Industrial Android Panel PC is an advanced product that combines industrial grade, embedded and touch screen technologies. It adopts industrial-grade design with excellent reliability and stability for various industrial application scenarios. The embedded system can effectively reduce external interference and provide more stable performance.

  • CPU: RK3288
  • Memory: 2G
  • Harddisk: 16G
  • Operate system: Android 7.1
  • Interfaces: DC12V,HDMI,USB3.0,USB2.0,RJ45,3.5mm audio,COM(232),SIM
  • Power: ≈15W
  • Size: 17"
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    17 inch all in one android panel pc
    17 inch all in one android panel pc

    This industrial Android Panel PC is equipped with touch screen technology, which allows users to easily operate via the touch screen without the need for a mouse and keyboard.

    The sensitivity and responsiveness of the touch screen are excellent, making the user experience smoother and more efficient.

    17 inch all in one android panel pc

    Industrial Panel PCs, All in one android computer and industrial touch screen monitors.

    android panel pc ODM/OEM customization Services.

    7*24 continuous operation, dustproof and waterproof, adapt to harsh environment aluminum alloy material, fast heat dissipation, customized according to requirements.


    Product Solutions:

    1. Industrial control: This android panel pc is suitable for various control systems such as automatic production line control and robot control. Due to its high reliability and durability, it can perform excellent stability in high-risk and harsh environments.

    2. Intelligent Internet of Things: As a high-performance industrial computer, it can connect to various devices and embedded systems in the network, improve data processing and management capabilities, and facilitate rapid and efficient work in the field of intelligent Internet of Things .

    3. Office PC: This android panel pc has a high-resolution screen and excellent performance, and can be used to complete different office applications, such as data processing and file management, etc. In addition, it can also provide higher security and stability.

    4. Intelligent security: As the core computer of the intelligent security system, this industrial PC can connect sensors and equipment, and provide various functions such as monitoring, detection and alarm.

    5. Visual inspection: With a high-resolution screen and excellent performance, this industrial PC can be used as a visual inspection device to complete multiple inspection applications and obtain accurate results.

    AI in Manufacturing
    Medical equipment

    6. 3D printer control: The industrial computer is connected to various 3D printers, and as the control core, it can improve the performance and precision of the 3D printer and make your printing effect more excellent.

    7. Medical equipment: Computers with high performance can play an important role in various medical equipment, such as electronic medical record management, medical imaging, etc.

    8. Public transportation: android panel pc can be used in public transportation management systems, such as taxi management, bus GPS positioning, etc. Provide better public transport services to the public by improving operational management efficiency.

    9. Power equipment: As the core component of the power equipment management system, this industrial PC can improve the efficiency of power grid monitoring, substation management, etc., and further promote the digital transformation of the power industry.

    10. Smart home: As the core computer of the smart home system, the industrial PC can connect various smart devices to achieve intelligent linkage control and help users realize the dream of smart home life.

    Product superiority:

    • Industrial aesthetic design
    • Streamlined appearance design
    • Independent research and development independent mold opening
    • Stable performance and low power consumption
    • Front panel waterproof design
    • Flat panel up to IP65 waterproof standard
    • GB2423 anti-vibration standard
    • Added shock-proof EVA material
    • Recessed cabinet installation
    • 3mm tightly fitted to the embedded cabinet
    • Fully enclosed dust-proof design
    • Greatly improve the service life of the fuselage
    • Aluminum alloy body
    • Aluminum alloy die-casting integrated forming
    • EMC/EMI Anti-interference standard Anti-electromagnetic interference

    Parameter information:

    Display Screen Size 17 inch
    Screen Resolution 1280*1024
    Luminous 250 cd/m2
    Color Quantitis 16.7M
    Contrast 1000:1
    Visual Range 89/89/89/89 (Typ.)(CR≥10)
    Display Size 337.92(W)×270.336(H) mm
    Touch Parameter Reaction Type Electric capacity reaction
    Lifetime More than 50 miliion times
    Surface Hardness >7H
    Effective Touch Strength  45g
    Glass Type Chemical reinforced perspex
    Luminousness >85%
    Hardware MAINBOARD MODEL RK3288
    CPU RK3288 Cortex-A17 quad-core 1.8GHz
    GPU Mali-T764 quad-core
    Memory 2G
    Harddisk 16G
    Operate system Android 7.1
    3G Module replacement available
    4G Module replacement available
    WIFI 2.4G
    Bluetooth BT4.0
    GPS replacement available
    MIC replacement available
    RTC Supporting
    Awaken through network Supporting
    Startup & Shutdown Supporting
    System upgrade Supporting hardware TF/USB upgrade
    Interfaces MAINBOARD MODEL RK3288
    DC Port 1 1*DC12V/5525 socket
    DC Port 2 1*DC9V-36V / 5.08mm phonix 4 pin
    USB-OTG 1*micro
    USB-HOST 2*USB2.0
    RJ45 Ethernet 1*10M/100M Self-adaptive ethernet 
    SD/TF 1*TF datas storage,maximum 128G
    Earphone jack 1*3.5mm Standard
    Serial-Interface RS232 1*COM
    Serial-Interface RS422 Replacement available
    Serial-Interface RS485 Replacement available
    SIM Card SIM card standard interfaces,customization available


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