What is Human Machine Interface (HMI) and how it works?

Human Machine Interface (HMI) is an interface for interaction and communication between people and machines. It is a user interface technology usually used in industrial control and automation systems to translate people’s operations and instructions into signals that machines can understand and execute.HMI provides an intuitive, easy-to-operate way so that people can interact with a device, machine, or system and obtain relevant information.
The working principle of HMI usually includes the following steps:
1. Data Acquisition: The HMI acquires a variety of data, such as temperature, pressure, flow, etc., through sensors or other devices. These data can be from real-time monitoring systems, sensor networks or other data sources.
2. Data processing: HMI will process the collected data, such as screening, calculating, converting or correcting the data. The processed data can be used for subsequent display and control.


3. Data display: HMI will process the data in the form of graphics, text, charts or images displayed on the human interface. Users can interact with the HMI and view, manipulate and monitor the data through the touch screen, buttons, keyboard and other devices.
4. User interaction: Users interact with the HMI through the touch screen or other input devices. They can use the touch screen to select menus, enter parameters, start or stop the device, or perform other operations.
5. Control commands: After the user interacts with the HMI, the HMI converts the user’s commands into signals that the machine can understand and execute. For example, starting or stopping equipment, adjusting parameters, controlling outputs, etc.
6. Device control: HMI communicates with the controller or PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) in the device, machine or system to send control commands to control the operating status, output, etc. of the device. Through these steps, HMI realizes the function of human-computer interaction and communication, enabling users to intuitively monitor and control the operation of the equipment or system.
The main goal of HMI is to provide a safe, efficient, and easy-to-use interface to meet the user’s needs for operating and controlling the equipment or system.

Post time: Oct-30-2023
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