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COMPT‘s range of industrial monitors covers keywords such as industrial monitors, industrial computer monitors, industrial displays, and industrial touchscreens to meet the needs of various industrial environments. With the ability to run 24/7, these monitors are built to withstand harsh industrial environments and are constructed from aluminium alloy for excellent heat dissipation.

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We offer customised options in a variety of sizes, such as 10.1-inch, 10.4-inch, 11.6-inch, 12.1-inch, 13.3-inch, 15.6-inch, 17.3-inch, 18.5-inch, 19-inch, and 21.5-inch, and support a wide range of mounting options, such as embedded, wall-mounted, desktop, and cantilevered, to meet a variety of installation requirements.
We also support a variety of interfaces and extensions, such as USB, DC, RJ45, audio interface, HDMI, CAN, RS485, GPIO, etc., to connect to a variety of peripheral devices. These displays also feature high and low temperature resistance, wide voltage module, reverse connection without burn-in, etc. They can operate stably in -10℃~60℃ environments, and also support a wide voltage input of 9-36V to meet the needs of various special designs and adjustments, such as dimensions, software, screen, water resistance, and uninterruptible power supply system.


Display Parameter Screen 15.6 inch
Resolution  1920*1080
Brightness 250 cd/m2
Color 16.7M
Contrast  3000:1
Viewing Angle 89/89/89/89 (Typ.)(CR≥10) 
Display area 344.16 (H) * 193.59 (V)mm
Touch parameter Reaction Type Electric capacity reaction
Lifetime More than 50 miliion times
Surface Hardness >7H
Effective Touch Strength  45g
Glass Type More than 50 miliion times
Luminousness >85%
Parameter Power suplier mode 12V/5A external power adapter / industral interface
Power specs 100-240V,50-60HZ
Imput voltage 9-36V/12V
Anti-static Contact discharge 4KV-air discharge 8KV(customization available≥16KV)
Rate of work ≤8W
Vibration proof GB242 standard
Anti-interference EMC|EMI anti-electromagnetic interference
Protection Front panel IP65 dustproof waterproof
Color of shell Black
Environment temperature <80%,Condesation forbidden
Working temperature Working:-10°~60°;Storage:-20°~70°
Language menu Chinese、English、Gemman、French、Korean、Spanish、
Install mode Embedded snap-fit/wall hanging/desktop louver bracket/foldable base/cantilever type
Guarantee Whole computer free for maintain in 1 year
Maintenance terms Three guarantee: 1guarantee repair,2guarantee replacement,3guarantee sales return.Mail for maintain
I/O interface parameter DC port 1 1*DC12V/5525 socket
DC port 2 1*DC9V-36V/5.08mm phoneix 4 pin
Touch function 1*USB-B external interface
EARPHONE 1*earphone


Engineering Dimention Drawing:

15.6 industrial monitor

Product Solutions:

Our industrial display series products have been applied in various industries and fields, such as manufacturing, energy industry, transport, medical and healthcare, logistics and warehousing, etc., and have been well received by our customers. We are committed to providing customers with high quality, high performance, customised industrial display solutions, and welcome customers to come to us for consultation and customisation.

Manufacturing Shop:

Established in 2014, we at COMPT have been a one-stop customised solution provider for the smart computer industry for 9 years and have successfully executed thousands of remarkable cases worldwide. Our strong R&D team consists of 20 engineers and technicians, including technical drawing, hardware design, software development and other professionals.

To ensure stable displays in vibrating environments, our industrial monitors are designed to withstand shock. Whether in applications such as transportation, marine, military equipment, etc., our products are able to withstand vibration and shock and maintain a stable display.

We use high quality aluminium alloy material to ensure that our industrial monitors have excellent durability and heat dissipation performance. This not only allows our products to operate stably for long periods of time in the working environment, but also effectively protects the electronic components inside the display.

As our customer, you can also enjoy our custom design service. We can provide you with individual industrial display solutions according to your specific needs and requirements. Whether it is the design, interface options or configuration of special functions, we can meet your needs.

When you choose our industrial monitors, you will get excellent display, durable quality, reliable performance, and a full range of after-sales services. We are committed to providing our customers with the best industrial display solutions, exceeding your expectations, and becoming a trusted partner for long-term cooperation. If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to contact us.

Product Model  Size   Color  Touch Mode Screen Resolution  Aspect Ratio 
sdrgtfd CPT-101M-XBC3A01 10.1" Black capacitive touch 1280*800 16: 10
sdrgtfd CPT-104M-XBC3A01 10.4" Black capacitive touch 1024*768 4:3
sdrgtfd CPT-116M-XBC3A01 11.6" Black capacitive touch 1920*1080 16:9
sdrgtfd CPT-120M-KBC3A01  12" Black capacitive touch 1024*768 4:3
sdrgtfd  CPT-121M-KBC3A01 12.1" Black capacitive touch 1280*800 16: 10
sdrgtfd  CPT-133M-KBC3A01 13.3" Black capacitive touch 1920*1080 16:9
sdrgtfd  CPT-150M-KBC3A01 15" Black capacitive touch 1024*768 4:3
sdrgtfd CPT-156M-KBC3A01 15.6" Black capacitive touch 1920*1080 16:9
sdrgtfd  CPT-170M-KBC3A01 17" Black capacitive touch 1280*1024 5:4
sdrgtfd CPT-173M-KBC3A01 17.3" Black capacitive touch 1920*1080 16:9
sdrgtfd CPT-185M-KBC3A01 18.5" Black capacitive touch 1920*1080 16:9
sdrgtfd CPT-190M-KBC3A01 19" Black capacitive touch 1280*1024 5:4
sdrgtfd CPT-215M-KBC3A01 21.5" Black capacitive touch 1920*1080 16:9

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