Fast heat dissipation mini industrial control mainframe, optional I3 I5 I7 J6412

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Introducing our Fast Heat Dissipation Mini Industrial Control Mainframe. This cutting-edge device is designed to revolutionize industrial control systems with its exceptional performance and unrivaled efficiency. Whether you are in need of a reliable solution for factory automation, process control, or other industrial applications, our mainframe stands as the ultimate choice.

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Product resistance to high and low temperature, fully closed design to achieve IP65 protection effect, can 7*24H continuous stable operation, support a variety of installation methods, a variety of sizes can be selected, support customization.

Used in industrial automation, intelligent medical, aerospace, GAV car, intelligent agriculture, intelligent transportation and other industries.

Mini Industrial Control Mainframe Key Features:

Fast Heat Dissipation: Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, our mainframe ensures rapid heat dissipation even during intense operational periods. This guarantees optimal performance and prevents any potential damage due to overheating.
Mini Design: With its compact and space-saving design, our mainframe is perfect for installations where limited space is available. Its small size does not compromise on performance or functionality, making it an ideal choice for various industrial environments.
Industrial Grade Durability: Built to withstand rugged industrial environments, our mainframe is crafted from high-quality materials that offer excellent durability and resistance to harsh conditions such as extreme temperatures, vibrations, and dust ingress. This ensures long-lasting and reliable operation.
Wide Range of Optional Configurations: Our mainframe offers a variety of optional configurations, including the choice between Intel processors such as I3, I5, I7, or the highly powerful J6412. This allows customization to meet specific requirements and performance needs.

Mini Industrial Control Mainframe Product Advantages:

Enhanced Efficiency: The fast heat dissipation capabilities of our mainframe result in efficient operation, preventing any performance degradation due to overheating. This enables continuous use without the need for frequent maintenance or downtime, ultimately improving productivity.
Cost-Effective: The longevity and reliability of our mainframe minimize the need for frequent replacements or repairs, resulting in significant cost savings over time. Additionally, its compact design saves valuable space and reduces installation costs.
Versatile Application: The mini design and wide range of optional configurations make our mainframe suitable for a variety of industrial control applications. Whether it's factory automation, process control, or other industrial processes, our mainframe adapts and performs seamlessly.

Mini Industrial Control Mainframe Solutions:

Our mainframe is equipped with an intuitive interface that makes it easy to install, operate, and manage. This ensures a hassle-free user experience, even for those unfamiliar with industrial control systems.

Parameter information:

Whole size 164*126.4*53mm
Charactor fanless dissipation
Outlook All aluminum body/black
Configurate Parameter CPU (Optional) Intel®Celeron®processor J6412  (Quad-core quad-thread/main frequency 2GHz peak frequency 2.6GHz)
Intel®Core®processor I3-5005U  (Dual-core quad-thread/main frequency 2GHz)
Intel®Core®processor I5-4200U (Dual-core quad-thread/main frequency 1.6GHz peak frequency 2.6GHz)
Intel®Core®processor I5-5200U (Dual-core quad-thread/main frequency 2.2GHz peak frequency 2.7GHz)
Intel®Core®processor I7-4600U (Dual-core quad-thread/main frequency 2.1GHz peak frequency 3.3GHz)
Intel®Core®processor I7-5600U (Dual-core quad-thread/main frequency 2.6GHz peak frequency 3.2GHz)
Memory 2G/4G/8G
Storage 32G/64G/128G/256G/512G SSD
Support extra 2.5 inch harddisk
Internet RTL8111F gagibit ethernet
System Win7/Win10/Linux
Interface LAN*2/Serial*2/USB*6/HDMI*1/VGA*1/Audio
Serial: default RS232,RS485 optional
WiFi(Optional) Support extra WIFI module
4G(Optional) Support extra 4G module
Power input standard 12V DC interface,dia-meter 5.5mm,inner-diameter2.5mm
Power adapter Standard AC-DC 12V power adapter
Enviromental Parameter Working temperature -20 ~ 70℃
Storage temperature -30 ~ 80℃
Worker humidity 5%~95% humidity,no condensation
Other parameter Dissipation model fanless dissipation
Turn on model Turn on activate,support self activate by incoming power
Watchdog Support hardware reset(256 level,0~255 sec)
Install modelmodel railway install/wall hanging install/desk top install/VESA install
Packing list Whole machine*1/12V adapter*1/international power line*1/foot pad*4


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