13.3″ j4125 embedded industrial pc for industrial installation

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COMPT Introducing the Cutting-Edge 13.3″ j4125 Embedded Industrial PC for Industrial Production Scenes

Are you seeking a top-notch computing solution perfectly suited for industrial production environments? Look no further than our 13.3″ j4125 embedded industrial PC. Packed with innovative features, this industrial PC is designed to excel in the harshest of settings, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.Versatile Applications:The 13.3″ j4125 embedded industrial PC is a game-changer in various industrial production scenarios.

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 From factory automation and production line control to data monitoring and analysis, this industrial PC is tailored to meet the computing needs of different industrial applications, boosting productivity and efficiency.

Waterproof Design:Equipped with an IP65 waterproof rating, this industrial PC is safeguarded against liquid ingress, ensuring reliable operation even in wet or moist environments.

You can confidently place it in areas where liquids pose a threat, knowing that it will withstand splashes, spills, and even temporary submersion.Shock Resistance:Designed to withstand rough handling and accidental drops, this industrial PC is engineered with shock-resistant features. It can withstand the rigors of an industrial setting, minimizing the risk of damage or disruption caused by accidental impacts or vibrations. This ensures uninterrupted operation and reliable performance for critical industrial processes.

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Embedded industrial PCs can play an excellent role when it comes to scenarios such as automation equipment and power cabinets.

Here are some specific examples of application scenarios:

Automation equipment control: Embedded industrial PCs can be used to control and monitor a variety of automation equipment, such as robots, production lines and transportation systems. It can be connected to sensors and actuators for efficient automated operations and production process control.

Power Cabinet Monitoring: Industrial PCs can be used as monitoring and management systems for power cabinets. It can be connected to current sensors, temperature sensors and other monitoring devices to monitor real-time information such as power supply status, temperature changes and equipment failures to ensure a stable and reliable power supply.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications: an embedded industrial PC can be used to support industrial IoT systems. It can collect data from a variety of devices and sensors and process and analyze it through a cloud platform. This allows companies to monitor equipment operating status in real time, optimize production processes, and perform fault prediction and preventive maintenance.

Factory data collection and analysis: Industrial PCs can be used as the core equipment for data collection and analysis, collecting data from various sensors and devices. By monitoring and analyzing data in real time, companies can find bottlenecks in the production process and take appropriate measures to improve efficiency and quality.

Machine vision applications: Embedded industrial PCs can be used in machine vision systems to realize product quality inspection, image recognition and analysis. It can handle high-resolution images and is equipped with appropriate image acquisition and processing software to provide accurate image recognition and analysis results.

These are just a few examples. 13.3-inch j4125 embedded industrial PC has a wide range of application potential to meet the needs of various industrial scenarios such as automation equipment and power cabinets. Its high performance and stability will provide powerful computing and control capabilities for a wide range of industries, helping to improve productivity and quality.

Product Parameters


Screen Size 13.3 inch
Screen Resolution 1920*1080
Luminous 350 cd/m2
Color Quantitis 16.7M
Contrast 1000:1
Visual Range 89/89/89/89 (Typ.)(CR≥10)
Display Size 293.76(W)×165.24(H) mm

Touch parameter

Reaction Type Electric capacity reaction
Lifetime More than 50 million times
Surface Hardness >7H
Effective Touch Strength 45g
Glass Type Chemical reinforced perspex
Luminousness >85%


CPU Integrated Intel®Celeron J4125 2.0GHz quad-core
GPU Integrated Intel®UHD Graphics  600 core card
Memory 4G(maximum 16GB)
Harddisk 64G solid state disk(128G replacement available)
Operate system Default Windows 10(Windows 11/Linux/Ubuntu replacement available)
Audio ALC888/ALC662 6 channels Hi-Fi Audio controller/Supporting MIC-in/Line-out
Network Integrated giga network card
Wifi Internal wifi antenna,supporting wireless connect


DC Port 1 1*DC12V/5525 socket
DC Port 2 1*DC9V-36V/5.08mm phonix 4 pin
USB 2*USB3.0,1*USB 2.0
Serial-Interface RS232 0*COM(upgrade able)
Ethernet 2*RJ45 giga ethernet
WIFI 1*WIFI antenna
Bluetooth 1*Bluetooch antenna
Audio imput 1* earphone Interfaces
Audio output 1*MIC Interfaces

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